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As with everything in life, things evolve.  For better or worse, you cannot stop progression.   At the heart of all evolution there is usually a technology aspect to its advancement.  

Example: Rowboats to sailboats, to steam boats, to motor boats. Technology has made water travel faster, safer, and more economical

There is a new wave coming, a tidal wave to be exact. The age of the new cigarette.  Cigarette 2.0. Electronic cigarettes.

The days of smelling tobacco in your hair, skin, clothes, furniture, cars, etc. are coming to an end.  Do you hate going out to the sidewalk and standing 25 feet from the entrance?  Do you hate feeling like you’re the red-headed step child when you walk in from a smoke?  Do you hate not having a smoke with your drink?

Electronic cigarettes are your answer.  They give you all the benefits of smoking, without all the detriments that come with tobacco cigarettes.

In short, you inhale a liquid mixture that contains nicotine, and possibly a different flavor than tobacco.  What you exhale is pure water vapor.  Yes, that's right. Pure H2O.  There is no scent of tobacco. There is no lingering smoke. And the most important benefit of moving to eCigs, is the fact that you're not inhaling any of the 400+ chemicals or tar that cigarette companies lace their tobacco with.  There's just your nicotine fix in the comfort of your surroundings.  No need to run outside into the blistering cold or the drenching rain. Just sit at the bar and enjoy your eCig with your drink.  Heck, you might even be invited out more often because you'll be the human air freshener.

At Gone With The Smoke, we strive to bring you the best quality in eCig technology and eLiquid.  We scour the manufacturers to find the most convenient, durable and attractive eCig hardware.  eLiquid sources have been scrutinized to bring you only U.S.A made, organic and top level pharmaceutical grade products.  

Once you've tried the flavors that we provide, you'll never go back to analog (tobacco) cigarettes.  Our eLiquids come in a variety of nicotine levels and flavors.  

If you're looking to wean yourself off of analogs, then this is probably the best way without patches and gum.  You can start high and taper off the percent of nicotine in your liquid as time goes on.  Before you know it, you'll be down to 0% nicotine.

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