Are vapers their own worst enemy?

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Since the popularity of vaping has exploded on the marketplace, there's been a ton of flack that the industry and the constituents have been battling.

Mostly, the advocacy and the fight is on the legal front to keep the rights of vapers alive and kicking globally.

But, we have a ton of people who blow huge plumes of vapor nonchalantly anywhere and everywhere they go.  Boasting most of the time, "What? it's just water vapor! it's not smoking! Get off your high horse".

REALLY!?  Come on.  Have a sliver of decency and be respectful of those around you.  Yeah, you wouldn't blow a huge plume of cigarette smoke like you would your vape.  Why do it disrespectfully to those that are uninitiated to your hobby?  Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should.

We as a vaping community are under a ton of fire from the legal standpoint, with government regulations looming ahead.  Being a d-bag doesn't help our cause.  Confine your cloud blowing to a vape shop or your apartment or someplace that's private to you where you won't offend anyone.  We don't want to offer our opponents more ammo than they already have.

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