Lets Be Real SF - Fight the Flavor Ban in San Francisco

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The city of San Francisco is on a warpath to kill vaping and smoking within the city.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to remove all flavored tobacco products on retail shelves.  This is including all menthol flavored cigarettes (Newport, Kool, Camel Crush).  The new ordinance will only let regular tobacco flavored cigarettes be sold within city limits.

There's no law against possession of flavored tobacco, just not sold.  The repercussions of this ordinance is that most, if not all, convenience stores will have their revenues cut drastically.

So why am I writing about this ordinance on flavored tobacco ban?  Because vaping has been conflated with smoking and the industry is caught up in the dragnet.  All vape shops in San Francisco will be obliterated by this ordinance.

On July 31, 2017, the organization Let's Be Real SF, submitted 34,000+ signatures to the city as a referendum to fight the ordinance.  The minimum number of signatures was 19,000 to be submitted as a referendum.

Now the Board of Supervisors have until Sept. 5, 2017 to either rescind the ordinance or put the ordinance to a public vote.  Knowing that rescinding the ordinance will be career suicide for the whole board, they will most definitely vote amongst themselves to put the ordinance to a vote on June 5, 2018.

It's very important to let fellow vapers, even fellow smokers, know that their freedoms are being encroached upon by San Francisco.  Put the word out that when June 5th, 2018 comes around to VOTE NO AGAINST THE FLAVOR BAN.

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