State of Arkansas KILLS ONLINE sales of vapor products

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We regret to announce Gone With The Smoke can no longer to ship orders into the State of Arkansas due to the passage of ACT 1235 (SB978) which takes effect today, July 21, 2015. The passage of this bill, classifying vapor products as tobacco products, prohibits the sale of eliquid (vapor products) direct to Arkansas residents via online channels.

Any and all vapor products, hardware and eliquid, has been deemed as tobacco products.  The state of Arkansas does not allow the sale of any tobacco products sold online (just like many other states).

But, if you want to really see the reason why this bill was enacted, please check out this PDF of the actual bill and go to page 2.  In particular, read the lines 7-19 on this PDF.

"to promote the public health and welfare of the citizens of this state and to protect the revenue collection procedures incorporated within this subchapter"

If you ever had ANY question as to why there is so much anti-vaping momentum happening, it's because of the above.  It's all about money.  It's not about your health and it never will be.

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