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The War on Vaping (yet another stupid war)

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I'm almost certain that many of you know of the crazy and ridiculous news posts about the "dangers" of ecigarettes and vaping.  It's almost become laughable, that the country and possibly the world, has found a new target for protecting us from ourselves and our children.

If you're unaware about the defamation of vaping, try this.  Go to and set up an email alert regarding the keywords, "ecigarette vaping, electronic cigarettes" etc.  Then just sit back and watch all the headlines that crop up about banning and regulating and saving the children and cancer causing, and any other health risk ad nauseum.

So...why the war?  Think about it..why was any war ever fought?  Mostly about $.  War on Terrorism, War on Drugs, War in Afghanistan, yadda yadda yadda.  It's all about money and power.

For almost 100 years the tobacco industry has had it's say with how they want to wring us dry of our wallets through our lungs.  And with any ensconced totalitarian industry, any hiccups in profits will raise some eyebrows.  That one hiccup fro the tobacco industry is the advent of the disrupter, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES.

Taxi cabs have UBER to deal with.

Newspapers have the internet to deal with.

Manufacturing have 3D printers to deal with.

Tobacco now has ecigs to deal with.

Now, if you're raking in billions and billions of dollars, there's no way in heck are you going to stop wanting to keep your share of the industry.  With the "sin" tax that's levied on all cigarettes, the states are making HUGE profits from us trying to kill ourselves.  How much is a pack of cigarettes in NYC?  Last time I looked, it was something in the area of $15.  How much of this $15 is tax?  Looks like $5.95 per pack is tax.  So a pack of cigarettes without tax is under $10.  Still that's a lot of money, but you can see why the state is scared of people jumping ship to ecigs.

There is no "sin" tax levied on ecigs.  Just plain old sales tax.

This isn't enough for the Gov't.  They need that money back.  How else are they going to get the senators their private planes and yachts and limos?

As they always say....FOLLOW THE MONEY!!
Remember this also, it's never about your health or the children.
If they somehow do levy a tax on ejuice/eliquid and the skyrockets, you'll see this War on Vaping go to the wayside and you'll never hear another peep out of the Gov't.  As long as they get your money, they don't care if you live or die.

Stay tuned for more War on Vaping posts

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