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Vaping Bans, Taxes and Prohibition

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Does anyone remember Prohibition here in the USA?Probably not.  It was a very very very long time ago. How long? October 1919.  ALMOST 100 years ago! And it lasted for 13 years!  13 years people were smuggling and killing and making TONS of money from the underground alcohol trade business.

You're reading this blog entry because you're part of the vaping community.  Either you're a wannabe or a newbie or a veteran, ANY and ALL restrictions on your ability to obtain vaping equipment should be your concern.

Back in the roaring 20's and into the depression 30's, people wanted to drink to deal with the status quo of the nation and what did the nation do?  Took it away!

This could be a very possible near future for us and the whole vaping industry as a whole.

If you look at what's going on right now, you'll see plenty of vaping bans, vaping taxes, and complete and outright lies from a combination of big tobacco, big pharma, and anti-smoking/anti-vaping groups.

Chicago recently passed an egregious and mind boggling tax on ecigs.  0.55 cents per mL of eJuice plus 0.80 cents per unit.


15ml 3mg ejuice @ $12 * 9.25% tax (Chicago just recently raised their sales tax to 10.25%, but we're going with pre New Year) = 13.11


15ml 3mg ejuice @ ($12 * 10.25% tax) + (0.55 * 15) + 0.80 = $22.28

That's an incredible 70% tax increase on a 15ml bottle of eJuice!

Has your mind blown up yet?  What can you attribute this exorbitant tax increase to?  MONEY and LOBBYISTS.  Big Tobacco has deep pockets as we all know and they sent their best and highest paid lobbyists to lure and brainwash the politicos of the city.  

No matter how much advocacy was done in Chicago, the political powers turned a blind eye.

If such atrocities continue to occur across the nation, we will have another prohibition on our hands.  This time it will be vaping.  The underground will blossom, you'll get eJuice made in basements, garages, and unclean warehouses.  Is this how you want to live the rest of your vaping life?  Scurrying in alleys grabbing small vials and exchanging cash with a handshake?  Want to look like a junkie? I'm assuming no.

We need to fight this anti-vape mentality and get the politicians to stop thinking with their wallet and start thinking about the health of the people and their job (remember, vapers are still voters).

Here's some links to some advocacy groups that are at the forefront of our fight:

Vape on folks! Vape on and vape strong!

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