San Francisco Flavored Tobacco Ban Effective July 7, 2018

San Francisco’s local Proposition E, Flavored Tobacco Ban, was enacted after a win of 68% to ban flavors vs. just 31% to keep flavored tobacco.  This includes menthol cigarettes, flavored cigars, rolling tobacco, and vapor eLiquid.

It was a deadly blow to the vapor industry in the city and county of San Francisco (they’re both the same by the way).  Since the law was enacted local shops have been given a grace period to sell their current inventory of flavored tobacco products.

This includes anything that DOES NOT TASTE LIKE REGULAR TOBACCO.  If your flavor of choice is any type of tobacco with a blend of something else, say, vanilla or caramel.  These will be taken off the shelves.

Some time in January 2019 (no exact date has been set), all flavored tobacco products will be illegal to sell in San Francisco.

To mitigate this ruling, there is a loophole that the city told us to utilize if we’d like to stay in business.  The loophole is that retailers can sell zero milligram flavored eLiquid with an unflavored nicotine additive on the side.

Granted this adds more work on the customer’s side, there is a side benefit that many don’t realize.  You can customize your eLiquid nicotine level in your eLiquid to your choice.  The nicotine additive comes in various strengths, so now you can have your 1.5mg or your 4mg or your 9mg or any mg strength you’d like.  You don’t have to be handcuffed by the manufacturer’s offerings.

Read more about how to add nicotine to your eLiquid.

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