Due to the nature of the San Francisco (SF) Flavored Tobacco Ban, all smoke shops and vapor shops in the city CANNOT sell pre-mixed flavored ejuice with nicotine.  The only allowable sales of ejuice are:

  1. Any tobacco ONLY flavor (no blends) can be sold in any nicotine strength
  2. Any non-tobacco flavor that is nicotine-free (zero milligram) WITH an unflavored nicotine booster

Below is a video of the product we sell that will boost your non-nicotine ejuice to a nicotine level of your choice.  It’s a blend of vg/pg that blends very well with all juices.  It will not change the flavor or your ejuice.  Nicpacks are pre-portioned out so that you can’t overdo the desired nicotine level.  Adding Nicpacks to your favorite ejuice is very very simple.  Watch below.